Objectives & Overview


The IntelliLearn Mental Health First Response course has been developed at the request of the University of Tasmania with the intention of being introduced as a mandatory clinical placement prerequisite in recognition of the value of equipping students with first response skills. The course is designed to provide an overview of various Mental Health conditions and their prevalence within Australia.  The overall focus however, is to empower Nursing students/Health Care Professionals to support, risk assess and appropriately manage or refer a mental health emergency in line with recognised first aid guidelines, whether to a patient/client/friend/colleague or member of the public.


Module One covers some of the causes of mental health conditions and identifies some barriers such as stigma, faced by individuals throughout their life, and when seeking treatment.

Module Two addresses how to recognise the signs and symptoms someone with a mental health condition may be experiencing, how to provide appropriate urgent mental health care and identify what specialist follow-up is appropriate following an incident.

Module Three systematically works through a ‘toolbox’ of therapeutic communication skills with a focus on a Person-Centred Approach and Recovery Orientated Language. Key factors to be considered in delivering appropriate and safe care are also addressed such as the Mental Health Act, Duty of Care, De-escalation, Emotional Intelligence and the importance of self- care, coping mechanisms and effective debriefing.