Development Team

Claire Cope

Lead Content Design & Editor

IntelliLearn National Director of Clinical Education and Governance. Claire is a Registered Nurse with 30 years’ experience. Over the past twenty years, she has held Clinical Lead/Operational Management positions, with key responsibilities in procurement and delivery of Nurse Education, Nurse Performance Management, Complaints and Serious Adverse Incident Management.

Claire worked as Clinical / Operational Lead for NHS Direct for over ten years in the UK, providing real time expert clinical advice ensuring that staff were able to respond safely and effectively to some of the most challenging triage contacts e.g., suicide ideation and various other mental health emergencies as well as domestic violence, vulnerable adult and child protection issues.

Alice Salt

Online Author

Alice is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with experience in acute and community settings within Tasmania and currently works on the Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team in Hobart, as a Clinical Facilitator with the University of Tasmania. Most recently Alice has authored the Mental Health First Response online training course for Intellilearn. Alice is passionate about increasing mental health awareness within the community and healthcare settings, and improving health outcomes for individuals who experience mental health conditions.

Nick Nairn-Smith

Workshop: Content Development and Design

Nick Nairn-Smith has a 10-year history of working extensively as a Registered Nurse within psychiatric facilities. He has worked extensively in both psychiatric high dependency inpatient units and community mental health teams. Nick predominantly works as a Clinical Facilitator for UTAS and has a passion and drive towards reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health..

Rohan Kan

Workshop: Content Development and Design

Rohan is a Nurse Manager who has worked for over 13 years in clinical and educational nursing roles, including emergency management, forensic mental health, and critical care.
His interests span across all high acuity patient care settings, with a passion for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, resuscitation, staff and patient safety, and evidence-based practice.
Whilst engaging in teaching, he takes pride creating a comfortable, fun, and memorable learning experience for all learners.

Kate Murphy

National Clinical Education Manager

Kate Murphy is a Registered Nurse with 16 years’ experience, principally as a Clinical Nurse in acute Coronary Care, alongside significant education experience in a staff development and training role. Kate brings a passion and commitment to educate the upcoming generation of Nurses and Health Care Professionals.

Jessica Amos

National Clinical Education Manager

Jess is a Registered Nurse, who over the last 12 years worked in variety of clinical settings both in WA and the UK. She has experience in general med/surg, occupational health, district nursing and transplants. Jess is passionate about educating and empowering the next generation of Nurses.

Annemarie Kruger

WA Senior Education Consultant

Annemarie is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of diverse experience in various aspects of clinical and Mental Health Nursing in South Africa, The United Kingdom and Australia. She also worked as a clinical facilitator, where she enjoyed facilitating the integration of theory and practice. Annemarie is enthusiastic about teaching and believes learning should take place in a positive, encouraging and inspiring environment.

Archie Sargent

TAS Senior Education Consultant

Archie Sargent is a passionate educator, as well as a Registered Nurse with experience in Respiratory, General Medical, Mental Health, Community Care and Diversity training. Archie also has experience in student clinical facilitation, tertiary teaching and community projects and brings a range of knowledge and great enthusiasm into their work as a trainer.

Jake Roberts

TAS Senior Education Consultant

Jake is a Registered Nurse with over 11 years’ clinical experience, primarily in Emergency, Immunisation, Mental Health and Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. Jake has extensive educational experience in both undergraduate and graduate capacities and brings an enthusiastic and passionate approach to learning and teaching. He is passionate about promoting holistic patient centred care and advocating for the selfcare and wellbeing of his students/peers.

Further Acknowledgements

The IntelliLearn Mental Health First Response course has been reviewed consistently throughout its development. Many thanks to: –

Dr Nadi Radhakrishna Consultant Psychiatrist. FRANZCP and Diploma in Psychological Medicine currently working in private practice.

University of Tasmania:

Dr Denise McGarry RN, PHD, CMHN & Fellow of ACMHN: – UTAS Lecturer and Teaching Intensive Scholar

Dr Russell James RN, MHN, PHD – Unit Coordinator – Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, University of Tasmania

John Cooper: – RN, BN(Hons), MCN – UTAS, Senior Lecturer, Academic PEP Coordinator

Nick Nairn-Smith RN – UTAS Clinical Facilitator – RN with 10 years’ experience in psychiatric high dependency inpatient units and community mental health teams

Vivian Masukwedza CMHN, Master of Mental Health Nursing

Rohan Khan RN – UTAS Clinical Facilitator

Archie Sargent RN – UTAS Clinical Facilitator


IntelliLearn Education/Training Consultants

Kate Murphy RN – National Clinical Education Manager

Jessica Amos RN – National Clinical Education Manager

Annemarie Kruger – WA Education Consultant – Mental Health Nurse

Martina Coffey-Greaney – SA Education Consultant – Accredited Mental Health First Aider

Rebecca Munitz RN – WA Education Consultant

Angela Smith RN – WA Education Consultant

Croiagh Jackman RN – WA Education Consultant